Byzantine Orthodox Priest Vestments, Deacon Vestments, Altar Boy Robes, Cassocks, Baptism Robes, Deacon White Ordination Robe, Altar Gospel and Epistle Covers, Bible Covers, and Prayers Ropes (komboskini, chotki) for the Jesus Prayer by Philothei.  Dr. Christine Kerxhalli, Owner

Altar Table Covers & Church Linens

We custom make Altar Table covers, Table of Preparation covers (Proskomedia table), Icon Stand covers (Analogion/Tetrapod table), and Eucharistic Veils (two chalice covers and an aer also called a Kalimata set) for Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Churches.

Orthodox Altar Cover, Orthodox Icon Stand Cover, Table Cover, and Eucharistic Veils.
Altar Covers and Church Linens are ordered through our Altar Covers and Church Linens Estimate Form .

To receive an estimate:
  • Browse through our Vestments Catalog and choose a fabric or several fabrics for your Altar furnishings.

  • Print out our Altar Covers and Church Linens Estimate Form and using the directions on this form, measure your Altar furnishing and record your measurements.

    Mail or fax the completed Altar Covers and Church Linens Estimate Form to us and we will provide a detailed written estimate.
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