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Baptism & Deacon Ordination Robes

Baptism Robe. Orthodox Deacon White Ordination Robe
This page offers on-line ordering through PAYPAL for Baptism Robes and Deacon Ordination White Robes. Each robe is individually handmade according to your measurements and specifications. Please allow at least 6 to 8 weeks for us to complete your robe. All orders are completed on a "first-order-in/first-order-out" basis. When you place your order, we will notify you of an approximate completion date.

Baptismal Robes are sized for toddlers to adults. The Adult Baptismal Robe is also very suitable as the white robe that Deacons are required to have for their Ordination to the Deaconate.

The robes are made with poplin material in the classic Byzantine style for a Priest's Sticharion (which is representative of the Baptismal Robe of the faithful). The Robe is also made with white trim placed around the neck as shown in the picture and a cross sewn on the back.

The cross style you see on the back of the robe is Cross Style #1. You have your choice of cross style and cross color placed on the Robe. Cross Styles #1 and #2 are available in white, gold or red. Cross Style #3 is made from galloon trim that is used around the neck of the robe.

A matching Head Scarf may be ordered for the ladies. It is plain white and the same fabric as the baptismal robe. A small cross to match the cross you have chosen for your robe will be placed directly on a point in the scarf so the cross will appear at the back.

Size ranges are determined by height. Toddler height range is 28 to 39 Inches. Child height range is 40 to 47 inches. Adult height range is 48 to 68 inches.

At checkout you will be prompted for comments. Please write in the actual size of garment that is normally worn by the person together with a length measurement from where the shoulders meet the base of the neck to the ankle for a more accurate fit.

If you require a custom-fit garment, please fill in and electronically submit this Measurement Form.

Please note that these robes are made-to-order. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

On-Line Order Form
1. Our payments are handled through PAYPAL. A 2.9% processing fee, shipping, and sales tax (if applicable) will be added to the prices shown below. If you want to save the processing fee, download our Baptism Robe/Deacon Ordination Robe Catalog and fill out the order form and mail it to us with your check or money order.

2. If you are a New York State resident and Tax Exempt, please use our Baptism Robe/Deacon Ordination Robe Catalog and mail the Order Form to us together with your Exemption Certificate.

Toddler Size $50.00
Cross Color

Child Size $75.00
Cross Color

Adult Size $125.00
Cross Color

Matching Scarf $25.00
Cross Color

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