Byzantine Orthodox Priest Vestments, Deacon Vestments, Altar Boy Robes, Cassocks, Baptism Robes, Deacon White Ordination Robe, Altar Gospel and Epistle Covers, Bible Covers, and Prayers Ropes (komboskini, chotki) for the Jesus Prayer by Philothei.  Dr. Christine Kerxhalli, Owner


The below items are pre-made and available for quick shipment.

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Altar Boy Orarion.
Altar Server Orarion

Made of Ecclesiastical Brocade fabric in red with gold design, gold satin lining and gold trim, this beautiful Altar Server Orarion is approximately 176" long and 4" wide. $75.00

Baby Bonnet Handkerchief
Baby Christening Bonnet that becomes a handkerchief

Adorable embroidered cut-work linen Baby Christening Bonnet opens into a handkerchief that be used as "something old" on the baby's wedding day. Comes with a printed poem. Bonnet suitable for boy or girl baby.
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