Priest Byzantine Orthodox Vestment
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Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Church Vestments, Cassocks, Baptism Robes, Bible Covers and Prayer Ropes handcrafted with meticulous attention to quality and tradition.

We offer a full range of handcrafted liturgical vestments for Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Churches to include: Priest Vestments, Deacon Vestments, Altar Boy RobesCassocks, Altar Covers & Church Linens, Eucharistic Veils (Kalimata Set), Icon Stand Covers (Analogion/Tetrapod table cloth), Baptismal Robes, Gospel Covers (εὐαγγέλιον, evangelion), Bible Covers for personal Bibles, and Prayer Ropes (komboskini, chotki).

The pages on this website offer videos, catalogs, measurement forms and all the information you need to custom make your church liturgical vesture.

We are happy to offer a secure companion buying platform site called Philothei Keepsakes that not only allows for a secure and convenient shopping cart experience but also allows for exceptional customizing of all our product offerings through the special “Request Custom Order” link featured in all of our product categories!

All items are handmade to order in the USA on our premises in the traditional styling for Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine churches with the highest degree of attention to detail and quality using the finest ecclesiastical brocade fabrics available in America.

Our primary vestment and cassock style is Byzantine, however, each vestment piece is made by us and special requests for style changes can, in most cases, easily be accommodated with no increase in cost. Please note that we ship only within the contiguous United States.


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“Blessed Lord Jesus, Who didst love Thy Father’s House, help us to love Thy service and Thy Church: That as Solomon was taught to build and adorn the temple of the Lord, so we, to whom has been committed here the care of Thy Altar and Sanctuary, may perform our holy work, with pure hands and hearts of fervent love. For Thine own mercy’s sake. Amen.” (Author Unknown)